Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekending...the Christmas edition :)

Now that all my Christmas knits have been gifted, I'm happy to be able to share modeled photos! It really is the best feeling to know that what you've poured your time and love and energy into is appreciated and that it will be treasured. I've cast on several wee beanies for the baby boys recently born to families at church, but you'll have to come back on Wednesday to see them.

Homemade huckleberry jam was made on Christmas Eve after Dolly's face was finished and all the knits were wrapped. By the skin of my teeth, I tell you, that's how things rolled around here trying to get it all done. But done it all did get!

As I type, I'm enjoying a day home alone (!!!) and have thus far sifted through a week's worth of mail, created numerous lists (January 1 is almost here), begun to fill in my new 2016 daytimer, balanced my checkbooks, and ordered new invoices for our business. Next up is sorting through and arranging all my WIPs and hoping to make some progress on doing the same with my yarn stash. If I'm brave enough, I'll share pictures of both on Wednesday. Ha! Looking forward to some quiet knitting time later this afternoon...

The story told in the photos above is one of a holiday filled with family and presents and hugs and love. Inside the creatively tagged package? A new set of kitchen knives. So thankful! I also received a new cookbook, a new stitch pattern book, chocolate, wine, a gift certificate to my favorite Mexican restaurant, perfume, slippers, new earrings, candles, and movie money. My family spoiled me. :)


We've had snow on the ground since Wednesday! *It snows overnight, looks beautiful in the morning, and then turns to slush. Repeat from * for six days. :)

Hope your Christmas was filled with abundant blessings!

Weekending with Karen :)


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  1. I have often wondered what huckleberries are like, as we don't have them in UK, as far as I know.

  2. I loved seeing all your Christmas photos Lisa and I am trying to pack quickly before the snow melts ;)

  3. Wonderful photos! Looks like such a lovely Christmas!

  4. Your tree looks straight out of a storybook!
    Well done on all your knitted gifts! They are gorgeous!

  5. I wish I had snow. Looks like a wonderful Christmas and the knitting you did!!! my oh my I know your family appreciated each thoughtful knitted stitch :)

  6. Anonymous12/30/2015

    Oh Lisa, I want to see snow :-) everything is just so pretty :D


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