Tuesday, December 1, 2015

projects finished!! {tending my yarn garden...}

See? I told you my break wouldn't last too long. :)

Lots of finished projects to share!  First is my Starshower which I'm so happy with. Next up are the Tiny Tea Leaves for Charlotte and Linnea. And last is a beanie for my son in law. I still have lots of Christmas knits on various needles...but those I cannot share!

I did cast on a second beanie to check my pattern notes, but this one is for no one in particular. Maybe I'll keep it. :)

Christmas Spirit is our go-to book for Advent quotes & readings! Here's a favorite by Corrie ten Boom:

When I think of Christmas Eves, Christmas feasts, Christmas songs, and Christmas stories, I know that they do not represent a short and transient gladness. Instead, they speak of a joy unspeakable and full of glory. God loved the world and sent His Son. Whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. That is Christmas joy. That is the Christmas spirit.

And, finally, a surprise gift that arrived in my mailbox from a sweet blog and IG friend who is really kindred spirit and someone I look forward to meeting some day. Thank you, Tracey. :)  And thank you, Donna, for organizing the swap fun!

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. how lovely!! the knits, the gift and all the beauty!

  2. Beautiful knitting, I love that hat pattern!
    I am so happy the package arrived safely, and it was quick too.
    Enjoy the season my dear friend and yes, one day we will sit and knit together .:)

  3. Oh what a beautiful gift Tracey sent...what a blessing to have met her through this community and you also dear lady :0) blessings to your day! mari

  4. what a delightful pretty swap gift!!! I love your sweaters side by side, so sweet and adorable :) keep on knitting you are making progress :)

  5. I love that everyone is starting to receive their packages! Your needles have been very busy Lisa. Those sweaters for the girls are just precious.

  6. Lovely gifts! Those tiny tea leaves cardis are adorable. I must make one for C.

  7. Cute stuff! You've been a busy knitter!

  8. don't you just love it when those gifts just start popping off the needles...done!! Yours all turned out great---and I'm so glad your 'rest' from this space didn't last too long!!! Happy knitting, friend.


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