Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yarn along...morning, noon, and night :)

Because I've been listening to a book on my phone, I wasn't able to get a picture of it together with my knitting for today's Yarn Along. Instead, I've decided to take you on a tour of my Tuesday (yesterday) so you can "yarn along" with me through the day...

Oh, about 6ish a.m. -- dark and cold outside but warm by the fire with my sweetie. Sipping coffee and chatting while I knit on a pair of fingerless mitts to go with a beanie. He's been praying with me in the morning before the kids come down for breakfast which is a nice way to start the day...

2:30 in the afternooon -- If you've followed me on IG the past few days, you know we're enjoying spring-like temps. It's been in the low 60s since Sunday, and since I had to be out with AnnaLynn for her violin lesson, I thought it would be fun to paint my toes and wear my linen pants and my sandals. That's my knitting tote on the left. Knitting during music lessons is a must!

And, finally, while Dan was at a church meeting last night, I settled in with Amanda and a glass of wine to finish that fingerless mitt. (Psssst, if you haven't checked out Amanda's podcast yet, you must!) AnnaLynn thought the mitt needed a thumb, so I ripped back and added one. :)

Now, I found it interesting that I also recently discovered that moths had gotten to my hitchhiker as well as my tea leaves. Arrrrggggg. Do I still have even the tiniest bit of that gorgeous Madtosh my hitchhiker was knit with? Nope. Thankfully I do have a little wool  left to repair my tea leaves. :(  Would love any helpful hints you all might want to share about dealing with moths. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Ooops! Forgot to mention my book! The kids and I are currently reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle for our humanities class. They weren't looking forward to it ("it's for little kids..."), but I've been having to listen since they're hoarding our print copy. :)

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear about the moths! I found out the other day they had eaten holes in a few of my daughter's hats. :( I have been using lavender sachets and really hope it deters them from my handknits! Love your fingerless mitt! Happy Knitting!

  2. Love your fingerless mitts!

  3. Camphor wood balls are supposed to be good against moths.

  4. I loved your post Lisa, so much fun. I am tired of moths, I've dealt with them too; now all my knits in the cedar chest with lavender sachets.
    I have that Pyle book, it's wonderful!

  5. Oh! Moths! I'm so sorry! I found a little larva in some MadTosh recently, too!

    I freeze all the yarn when this happens and then clean the places that it is stored really well. We never had problems with moths until we moved here, so I'm still a bit confused by this.

  6. so sorry for the moths!!! :((((( oh dear... much love to you! (and it would be so nice to chat about books over tea, much agreed!)

  7. oh, those pesky moths!!! I've started putting a cedar disk in plastic (eep, I know it's not good for handknits, but better than moths!) bags with the knits....I can usually get a couple of shawls or a few hats or several scarves/cowls per bag...sometimes two sweaters. I mainly do this to store over the warmer months....hoping that just keeping some things in the winter 'rotation' will keep the critters away. I love the idea of lavender sachets---I'll be trying that too.

  8. So, just yesterday I was listening to old episodes of The Knitmore girls, and they addressed moths themselves. They suggested putting the yarn and sweaters and so on in a black plastic bag out in a sunny area because the heat will kill the eggs and the larva if it gets over heated.

  9. we are in the deep deep freeze here, no spring in sight. Love the photo of your knitting with amanda in the background :)

  10. You've been working on GREAT stuff! Happy Valentine's Day!


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