Monday, April 25, 2016

life lately...

Life has been so joyfully busy lately...

long walks
a family gather with four generations laughing on a sunny Saturday afternoon
planning for our Scotland trip
spending time with my sweet granddaughters
keeping up with our busy, growing electrical contracting business
sowing seed, weeding, transplanting, restructuring the vegetable garden
knitting and pattern design (exciting things are coming!!)
homeschooling, music lessons, and driver's ed
helping friends with a wedding (rehearsal dinner and reception)
keeping my family in clean clothes and health-fully fed in the midst of it all

My poor blog. You are so neglected!
But I'm not sorry at much life to live, so many people to love!! :)

Feeling rather blessed this Monday morning,


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  1. glad for all these good things!!!

  2. I am happy you are living a filled life and having fun!! getting closer to seeing your family abroad :)

  3. I spy a passport ;) Can only imagine how excited you are for your upcoming trip, and I can't wait to see the pictures!
    The blog will be here, seems a lot of us are busy living and enjoying life lately. I'm lucky to have done two post in two weeks, lol


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