Monday, April 4, 2016

of cajun tots, family & friends...

The weather this weekend was be-u-ti-ful!!

Friday evening was a gathering with my brother & sisters at one of said sister's home. Dining al fresco, and chatting memory-lane type of chatting until the sun set (gorgeous!) and the stars were out. Catching the sisters up on our trip to Pittsburgh and old stories they were too young to remember. Love my family! Looks like they want to start doing this monthly.

Saturday was meeting dear friends (who drove down from Everett) in Centrailia for the day. Antique shops yielded an old Wm. Penn cigar box that will be gifted to my brother for his birthday. He tells me Pennsylvania will always be his home even if it's not mine. He's not holding it against me. :)

Lunch here and then a long time spent on the patio here. Cajun tots and red wine and laughter, laughter, laughter. While walking through town, we stumbled upon Loose Ends Fiber Arts where I picked up the llama lace skein. Oh, how I wish you could feel how soft it is! At 35% off, I couldn't pass it up. The spring-colored project beneath is a shawl design I'm working on with worsted from from my stash (Lion Brand's Amazing). AnnaLynn likes the colors and design -- she's a hard sell, so I'm happy.

Timothy & Dan posing like Elvis... Ha!!

Sunday was sunshine (still!) and worship followed by lunch and good converstion with friends in town. I think we solved many of the worlds problems while the kids practiced their choral singing for our homeschool conference which comes at the end of this month. They also practiced swing dancing for the graduation party which comes at the end of May.

Exhausted? Maybe.
Thankful? Always!
Ready for Monday? Maybe.
List making here I come...

Weekending with Karen :)


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  1. I am suppose to be back on my healthy, only fresh fruits and veggies eating plan, but those tots look really amazing.
    And I love the yarn too!

  2. We had two babies in Centralia! I love it there! We ran Young Life for five years when we were newly married.
    It sounds like you made the best of the lovely weather! FUN!

  3. Anonymous4/04/2016

    What a fun time you had and Dan looks like he enjoyed posing ;-)

  4. that is lovely skein of yarn you've adopted! Can't wait to see what you knit with it. the tots look so tasty!!

  5. Tots...that most unhealthy of treats, but when at McMenimin's, it's what one eats! Thanks for visiting, ladies; any pattern suggestions for that skein of lovliness?


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