Tuesday, April 26, 2016

tending my yarn garden :)

I've had a hard time getting into this book, partly because I've been so busy that I've had little time for reading, partly because I'm so tired at night that my eyes are closing before I've even read a paragraph. I'm sticking with it, though, as I find the characters interesting and love the time period (pre-WWI).

My shawl knitting has been most enjoyable! Lovely fingering yarn created by Amanda (and I would link to her, but for some reason my laptop won't bring up her blog -- argh!). Several other projects are in the works, all of which are on my Ravelry page including that baby sock pattern that has been a bit neglected but will be ready for test knitting by the end of this week. Life!! I just don't like it when it gets in the way of my knitting! :)

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. I have the same problem at night when I sit down to read, and while I am really enjoying my book I find myself falling asleep.
    Great looking yarn you are using, Amanda is such a talent.

  2. love the book cover art :) I got my yarn in the mail too, I don't know what I'll be knitting but I'm excited to think about it.

    Amanda changed her blog address, so google that....

  3. Thanks for the love, Lisa!! I've been unexpectedly detained in urgent care today 😩 and wasn't able to yarn along but now being in bed is good for knitting!!

  4. That yarn is beautiful!

  5. Such lovely yarn!! I really want some! Maybe next time she makes a batch I can order some!
    Do you need test knitters for baby socks? Maybe you already have some lined up but if you think you might need another, let me know because I was just trying to decide regarding a gift for someone's little one on the way!

  6. That yarn is gorgeous....colors i would pick myself. I can't remember the last time I read a book!

  7. The yarn is lovely. I've been watching your progress on Ravelry.

    I know what you mean about books. I've been so overwhelmed with life that it has been too taxing to read even light books. I get a paragraph or a page in, and that's it.


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