Wednesday, April 13, 2016

virtuous & radiant
{tending my yarn garden}

Reading this week has been somewhat slow. Our long weekend included lots of car time (great for knitting, not so much for reading), and I've been busy prepping our taxes for filing which finally happened last night -- yay! Still reading the book I shared in last week's Y.A. post, The Summer Before the War  by Helen Simonson. Virtuous by Nancy Wilson is an inspiring devotional that the ladies at church are studying together. I picked up Radiant while in Moscow last weekend. I plan to read through the 50 short biographies with AnnaLynn, one chapter per week, as inspiration to her (and me!) to boldly live out our faith.

Knitting has been primarily wee sock knitting. Many, many thanks to all who volunteered to test knit these for me; I promise to contact each of you early next week! For the four socks pictured, I used (from top to bottom): KPs Swish, Ginny's walnut-dyed merino, Cascade Yarns alpaca, and alpaca from Foothills Yarn (all worsted/light worsted). Notice the nice neutral colors? That's because we won't know if my dear daughter and son in law are having a boy or girl until the wee one is born! I'm actually super excited they've decided to wait. :)  That gorgeous skein of new yarn? A drive around the block looking for parking while in Moscow last weekend resulted in the discovery of a sweet little LYS: The Yarn Underground. I hadn't intended to buy any new yarn over the weekend, but how could I resist?

And you? What're you reading and crafting?

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. Those wee socks are just precious Lisa!
    You really are quite talented.

  2. Hi Lisa! Very sweet socks!
    Your reading is encouraging, too!
    God be with you today!

  3. I love buying yarn when I travel! Those socks are so cute (an tiny!).

  4. Such darling socks! Any trip that results in new yarn is a good one in my book!

  5. Tiny socks are so sweet!!! Love the color of your new yarn! Radiant looks very interesting to me!

  6. little socks for happy feet, so sweet and precious!

  7. oh I love your wee little socks and in those colors too! congrats on the new baby to be. love your new yarn purchase...can't say no to gorgeous yarn!

  8. Those socks are adorable! And that blue is also radiant. I have two skeins of that yarn, but from a yarn club and not in as gorgeous a colorway. I love getting souvenir yarn.

    Depending on which way you took your trip, you may have driven past us. Did you cross on I-90?

  9. Anonymous4/15/2016

    ...your soon to arrive grand baby is not going to have cold feet :-) they are just so adorable Lisa :D

  10. Your wee socks are just darling!

  11. Such cute little socks, and Yay for the discovery of a new yarn shop!


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