Saturday, April 2, 2016


Welcome to my front porch. A string of warm early-spring days was the impetus to scrub it down, remove the spider webs, and make it a pleasant place to congregate. South facing, it's the perfect spot for morning coffee or quiet reading after lunch. I love the peace the expansive landscape provides -- acres and acres of Douglas fir and the first ridge of the Cascade foothills that separates us from Battle Ground and the city light that is Vancouver and Portland. Sometimes I think I could just sit for hours soaking it in...roosters crowing, forest birds chirping, hummingbirds humming, and an occasional breeze to make my wind chimes sing. Bliss.

With plans for our Scotland trip well underway, the garden is seeing less attention than in previous years. Three weeks is a long time to be away during June. And while house-sitters will be here, I cannot imagine asking them to do too much to keep the garden growing. Our flock of layers will need to be tended, but anything that would be harvested in June is simply not being planted. The trade-off is going to be worth it, I believe. :)

Fruit trees are budding; AnnaLynn is excited about our apple trees! The cherry trees in our herb garden have blossomed, and I'm hoping for even a small harvest from them. And while our earliest daffodils have faded, round two is in full bloom! I'm determined to fill my front porch bed with bulbs this fall. Blue bells are coming soon, but the deer enjoy them which means we don't really get to. The first of our lettuces have sprouted, and hopefully spinach and peas aren't far behind.

Welcome to the table I picked up at the Goodwill that sits beside my old recliner (which sits between my windows and woodstove). The light here is terrific which is why this is where I knit and read and journal and enjoy sipping a glass of red.

Welcome to Macon Avenue. The brick-paved road where I spent many days as a young girl visiting my grandparents Mihaly at their home. I mentioned in my last post how my recent trip back to Pittsburgh was an eye opener for me. I mentioned that I realized exactly where home is. I mentioned that I wasn't ready to give up this place, my blog, quite yet. And I'm not.

Welcome to Happy in Dole Valley. God is GOOD! Life is a story filled with characters, with setting, with conflict, with place, with emotion, with history, with pain, with joy, with resolution, with redemption, with mercy and grace, with forgiveness. Praising Him from Whom all blessings flow, the Author of my story. I cannot imagine walking through the chapters of this life without Him.


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  1. I think Scotland will be lovely in June.

  2. I love your front porch!

  3. Love your front porch! I love your knitting/reading space! A trip to Scotland sounds fabulous! I would love to visit and look forward to hearing/seeing pictures of your trip.

  4. Thank you Lisa for sharing bits of your world, it's beautiful, as are you!

  5. I felt like I was really there with you. I love your porch and would love to sit and chat with you there. we too are planning a trip to visit our daughter. although your trip is farther and longer, it is a big adventure for us!!

  6. Thanks, ladies! I'd love to sit on my porch and visit with all of you, so bring your knitting needles and your favorite mug...we'll sip tea or coffee (iced or hot, depending on the weather)! Anytime you're in the area...just saying! xo

  7. Love your front porch! I miss having one to sit on. I forgot you were going to Scotland this summer, so exciting! Love your Goodwill table. My kitchen table came from Goodwill. Looks like you have beautiful light and space to knit, read, and sip your wine.

  8. Your porch is so welcoming! I just can't believe that people have things growing in their gardens already. I just woke to snow again this morning.


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