Wednesday, May 4, 2016

yarning along...

With just under five weeks until we leave on our Scotland trip, I've come to terms with how little time I have and figure if I find a little to pop in here now and again (at least for Yarn Along), that's going to have to be ok for now. If you follow me on IG, then you might remember that we attended our annual homeschool convention last weekend which is always a highlight of our school year. As in years past, encouragement came as by a fire hose, but this year I came away more exhausted than encouraged. Not that the speakers weren't excellent; Dan and the kids all got more out of the conference than I did this year, and I'm ok with that. Of course we picked up numerous new books, but I'm feeling rather overwhelmed and think it'll be best for me to stick with the ones in my photo at least until we're home from Scotland: my Bible, Virtuous by Nancy Wilson (which is quite excellent if you're looking for a reminder of who you are in Christ!), my reading/everything journal, and my gratitude journal. I'm finding it interesting that my reading and my journals all go together color wise...a completely unplanned and entirely delightful realization!

My knitting has been scattered as I'm working to finish multiple projects before our trip not the least of which is being knit with this gorgeous red dk from my stash, Samea by Lang Yarns. It's so, so soft (a cotton, viscose, linen blend) -- perfect for a warm weather scarf. I have two skeins which means a total of 230 yards. I've been wearing lots of black and gray and think a mini-scarf in this color would provide a nice pop of color!

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. It's a gorgeous color! I loved Scotland and wish I spent more than four days there. Which means I'll have to go back. What are you going to see there?

  2. That little journal second from the top is, I'm sure, the same as one my mom gave me as a sweet gift recently. I think it will become a gratitude journal now that I think of that, as my other is not a a very inspiring looking book.
    Scotland! So exciting. Your yarn is a beautiful color.

  3. beautiful knitting and yay to getting close to leaving for your trip!!!! Exciting :)

  4. I hope you post lots and lots of photos from your trip, I am so excited for you!!!

    I am having a hard time realizing my homeschooling journey will come to an end in just two weeks! Now what will I do? :)


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