Wednesday, August 17, 2016

something blue, something new, and something different

Something blue is what's on my needles and nightstand. My knitting is moving along with stitches and rows being snuck in every moment I can. I'm loving this delicious blue fingering from Palouse Yarn Company and am happy to have 475 yards to knit with!

Something new is this pretty spring-themed yarn (KPs Palette)! The yellow wouldn't behave when I was snapping this picture -- it's a much more soft shade than it looks here -- but these soft colors will be knit into a yummy shawl once "the blue" is finished.

As an aside, I really need to organize my WIPs and prioritize! If I'm feeling brave, I'll share... In that regard, I'm loving my new project bag! This one is from Stolen Minutes. It arrived the same day as my KPs order, and I was tickled to see how perfectly the colors match. :)

Finally, something different: All the Light is a new read -- more WWII fiction (!!) -- the short chapters are perfect for bedtime reading as I tend to nod off so quickly these days.

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. that was a very good book :) lovely blues and new yarns :)

  2. I loved the was devastating. And good. Such pretty yarn!

  3. What a lovely shawl you are designing. I love your new project bag, too. Enjoy your day, Pat

  4. how fun that the knitting matches your book and the queued shawl matches your new project bag! Sometimes I'm all for the matchy-matchy!!!

  5. I love that you are creating your own pattern, it is lovely. And I look forward to seeing the shawl you plan to knit with those pleasing colors.

  6. Anonymous8/17/2016

    I just love those colors 💜💜

  7. Your new yarn is very pretty. It reminds me of Spring. I love the shawl you have in the works.

  8. Oh that book. It's very good, very beautiful, and very hard. Lovely knitting!

  9. I love your shawl! Such a gorgeous colour! All the Light is a book I keep meaning to read.


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