Monday, August 29, 2016

weekend euchariteo...

We got a puppy!! Birdy is a rescue dog that made AnnaLynn's dreams for a dog come true. She's an adorable mix of German shepherd and black lab. The owners didn't want the puppies and gave them up a bit sooner than they should've been taken from their momma, but Birdy is doing incredibly well, eating and playing and all the other things puppies do including stealing AnnaLynn's (and the rest of the family's) heart. :)

We had company!! My weekend began a day early when Christina and the girls came to spend the day and a night with us. Friday morning before they left, I was out watering and was joined by Charlotte who will, I'm fairly certain, be a gardener when she's grown up. This girl always wants to go out and dig in the garden and plant seeds when she's here -- love it!

We made gf peanut butter cookies!! These are so good that I'll share the recipe this week, I promise!

And last, but not least, I enjoyed a lazy afternoon on the back porch finishing my blue shawl which promptly received a bath and blocking. I'll share pics when I can get Anna to model for me...she's a busy, devoted puppy momma now, so I hope I can drag her away for a bit later today. ;)

Weekending with Karen :)


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  1. what a lot of blessings!!! I am so glad!!! beautiful pictures! God bless you dear friend! and your family!

  2. Birdy is adorable. Good luck with her.

  3. Anonymous8/30/2016

    The puppy is adorable! Looking forward to the GF cookie recipe. My goal this fall is to perfect a GF pizza crust.

  4. WHAT??? you got a puppy? how sweet, how adorable and how small, I bet with her lineage she will be big!! congrats on the new family member.

  5. How adorable is your new puppy. Ava has been asking for a dog for two years now and my answer remains the same....when we get a house. I miss eating peanut butter cookies! I'm getting ready to start knitting again, it's that time of year :)

  6. I LOVE seeing all your fun photos from this weekend. The puppy is so darling--such a sweetheart!! How blessed you are to have such a darling little helper when doing yard work. And of course you know already, I Am In Love with your shawl!!! I love your new (to me) word of Eucharisteo. I googled it to understand it better. What an inspiring and amazing word and way of life. Thanks for the update. Have a Lovely Week. Renee (Schwendimama)

  7. Birdy is too cute for words and so is your granddaughter with her watering can! Just precious! Love the blue colorway of your shawl! Looks like a great weekend! Hugs & Happy Knitting!


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