Monday, August 1, 2016

weekending :)

August! Can you believe it's August already? This morning I noticed the sun is rising a little later...I'm not ready to start thinking autumn. Are you? We're soaking up all the joy of these glorious mid-summer days with long afternoons at the river, summer concerts, and lazy Sundays with our church family. But this is a weekending post, so I'll get to it. :)

Friday was the zoo -- I parked my lawnchair and knitting bag in the shade and held our place in line for The Piano Guys while Daniel, AnnaLynn, and friends braved the heat while taking in the animal exhibits. The concert was fantastic, and our seats on the lawn were well worth the waiting in line! The heat wasn't so fun, but lots of water and a Ben & Jerry's lemon sorbet from a zoo kiosk was a good cure for that.

Saturday was yardwork which I failed to document with photos which is sad because we've been transforming our backyard this summer. This oversite I will surely remedy this week!

Sunday was worship and fellowship and fun with our grandbabies! Bliss!!

Weekending with Karen :)


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  1. so glad you joined in, looks like so much fun!! I like that you sat and knit and held the spot in line, that is what I would do!!

  2. Thats a very handsome group of young people!!!You were pretty smart finding a reason to sit.

    1. Thx, Ann, they really are a sweet, fun, happy group, and it was so much fun to spend the day with them. :)

  3. so very nice! happy for all these good things! look forward to seeing the lawn changes!

    1. Thx, Elizabeth! Hoping/planning to share lawn project photos next week. :) xo


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