Monday, September 19, 2016

Catching up...

I guess this post could alternatively been called "in which I share photos of my mugs." ;) Not at all intended, I didn't even realize it until I uploaded my photos here. As summer fades into fall, I find myself with a mug in hand throughout the day. My Steelers mug came out of hibernation when football season began; the others are in use most days. Funny how despite having a cupboard full of mugs, I have my favorites. Do you?

Summer is slipping away. We enjoyed a warm, sunny week in the 80s and then, just like that, the clouds rolled in bringing rain and chilly, woodstove temperatures. I think I'm finally ready for it. Lessons are underway, and with Daniel graduated, I'm down to one student. Daniel is taking piano this year along with an online rhetoric course and high school chemistry which his schedule didn't allow for last year. AnnaLynn has a full schedule: piano, violin, ballet, algebra I, chemistry, US lit and history, and writing. Add to all that her new puppy, and the girl seriously has a full plate.

Me? I've moved into the realm of being more of a guidance counselor than a teacher, which is fine. I am leading our Gileskirk humanities co-op every other week, so I've still got my toe in the water, but the kids are really on their own with regard to their schooling. My two remaining arrows are rather close to being ready to launch, so I'm thankful for the busyness God's given me in helping Dan run our electrical contracting business as well as running my fledgling knit pattern business. Being a wife, mom, and Baba, volunteering at church, managing the home & homestead, and playing the role of Anna's driver two days each week rounds out my days. Thankful that I rarely am bored. :)

Did you notice that wee angelic face up there? Last week we welcomed our third grandchild into the world. Those of you who've followed me on IG know I'll be off to Scotland later this week to see Simon and to provide help for Jessica and Zack. We skyped on Saturday, and although I'm oh-so-thankful for modern technology, it's truly not the same. Sigh. I'm not ungrateful, just longing to hold and kiss him, Four more days.

Baby knits have been the main occupation of my needles: a pumpkin patch beanie, a pair of hosenmatz, and a chevron cherub wrap to name a few. Others are secret for now. Btw, my pumpkin patch beanie is on sale! Use coupon code "pumpkin" at checkout for 25% off when you purchase from my Ravelry shop now through Oct. 31.

In other news, my Steelers are 2 and 0 which is awesome! Fingers crossed for a good season. I'm thankful that through my NFL phone ap on Verizon that I'm able to watch every single game (unless it's on during church...). Go Steelers!!

Counting my blessings and giving thanks and praise to God from whom they all flow! Until October when I'm home from Edinburgh,


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  1. The new baby is gorgeous! Those cheeks!
    Safe travels, and many happy baby cuddles : )
    Btw, I am a lonely Steelers fan up here in Maine, the land of the Patriots.

  2. Yay! Thanks for the update! I love your pictures.....including the mugs!

  3. may you have a blessed trip and a wonderful time over there :)

  4. Congratulations! Simon. SO sweet!
    Have a safe trip. Your knitting is always gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous9/20/2016

    Very nice blog and beautiful family! Congrats on your newest grandchild! are a long way away from Pennsylvania! (I grew up in Steeler's country). I see (from your other page) you haven't visited Delaware aren't missing anything from our tiny state! Andrea

  6. Anonymous9/28/2016

    Hah! such a sweet baby :) love that mug too!


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