Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekend Eucharisteo...

My girls were here this weekend for three nights! Was the first time Linnea had been away from Mommy for an overnighter, but it went really well. She's so easy -- a good sleeper and sweet personality. :)  Charlotte is a non-stop talker -- always asking why this and why that. So curious! Love it!! The weather was rainy and cool, but Saturday was nice, so we ventured out for a long walk around the property and down the driveway to check the mail. The girls are always eager to see Bruce, our bunny, and the chicks. They were introduced to Birdie and giggled. So much giggling! I'm thankful Jeff & Christina are both readers and are instilling a love of books and stories into their girls. A common Charlotte request all weekend was, "Baba, will you read to me?" And Linnea parrots whatever Charlotte says...adorable. Aunt Anna was happy to oblige. :)

Saturday morning was early knitting and pattern formatting before the girls woke up. I'm woefully out of practice when it comes to day to day life with wee ones in the house -- my youngest is almost 16 now. Saturday evening I spent home alone with the girls while Dan was out a an end-of-the-summer lawn dance with Daniel and AnnaLynn. The girls and I enjoyed a quiet evening, and after baths and bedtime, I poured a glass of wine and spent my evening with my knitting accompanied by Amanda's latest podcast.

Sunday was church and a quiet afternoon at home before the kids suggested getting pizza in Battle Ground. The 30 minute drive was so worth it as we got to see this incredible gloriousness...a true treat since we'd have missed it if we'd been home; living in the foothills is great, don't get me wrong, but we don't get this kind of view of the sunset.

Weekending with Karen :)


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  1. Anonymous9/05/2016

    What joy to have had them for 3 full days!! What memories you made :-)

  2. Those faces are too adorable! Sounds like a wonderful weekend

  3. Looks like a weekend full of memories! Love the picture of the sunset!

  4. what a blessed weekend! I love that your grands can come over for a sleepover and I think I would be out of practice with little ones as well.


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