Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I know this looks like it's going to be another pumpkin patch beanie, but it's not!! I need a new pair of slippers, I really do, so I dug out a hank of the madder-dyed Shilasdair Aran I bought while in Scotland in June and cast on this free pattern from Drops. I'm not super happy with the pattern and am having to make adjustments here and there, but the reviews were good, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to like them. :)

I'm so glad Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates was released in paperback! We started this book a while back but had to return it to the library to avoid overdue charges. This will be our evening read aloud once we're finished with The Hiding Place (which may take a while since we've been fairly inconsistent). Life goes through phases, I know, but I really don't enjoy the "too-busy-for-family-time" seasons.

Joining Ginny on this rainy Wednesday morning. What have you been reading and knitting? :)


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  1. I too don't like it when we're too busy for family time. These last 6-8 weeks have been hectic! I look forward to seeing the finished slippers.

  2. can't wait to see your slippers! The book looks good :)

  3. That book sounds interesting. Our local library doesn't charge late fees. The fools! ;-)

    They will charge you if it appears that the book is irrevocably lost, but no late fees.


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