Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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I intended to post this yesterday (Monday) so I could join up with Karen for weekending, but the day got away from me. Better late than never, right? I've felt so behind ever since arriving home from my Scotland trip to meet Simon, and I will get around to posting photos from my trip (as well as our family trip on June). Making this promise to myself. :)

AnnaLynn's violin teacher plays in the Vancouver Symphony and, we found out, in the orchestra that performs with the Oregon Ballet. This only matters in that she was kind to give Anna her vouchers for four free tickets to the ballet last week. Giants was not my favorite ballet ever, but Anna liked it quite a bit. The first performance was lovely, but the second and third were just not my style, although the pianist who accompanied the third act was spectacular.

With three storms coming in off the Pacific over the weekend, we spent Saturday morning making sure things were secure outside, filled stockpots with water just in case, and then, as an act of faith, I put a chicken in the crockpot and hoped we'd not lose power (which we didnt'). I spent much of the day by the woodstove with my knitting which was wonderful. Speaking of my knitting, thanks so much for the love shown for my new booties pattern! If you want, you can enter my IG giveaway by visiting me on IG @DoleValleyGirl. :)

I usually spend my Sunday mornings planning my week and organizing my desk. While I love using Google calendar, I sometimes worry (with good reason) about the power going out and not having access to my schedule, so I also use The Time Keeper which I've used for several years now. FYI, I'm not an affiliate, just sharing 'cause I love mine.

With the skies darkening earlier each day, we've found ourselves drawn to the family room in the evening to enjoy the warmth of the woodstove. Sunday evening was popcorn, homemade vanilla milkshakes, my knitting, and Dan reading aloud from The Hiding Place which is one of my favorite WWII stories. Oh, to have the faith of Corrie!

I know I'm late, but I'm weekending with Karen :)


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  1. glad you are joining in :) I do a planner and a notebook. I tried combining them and I didn't care for it. I do not like the virtual stuff, I want to feel a pen in my hands while I write :)


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