Thursday, December 8, 2016

a snowy yarn along :)

Yes, I'm a day late. Joining anyway. :)

We've had snow! It was a mild autumn until the past week when we got hit with an Arctic blast that collided with moist air coming in from the Pacific. I'm thankful. What is it about a snow covered landscape? So peaceful. Birdie has been having fun, playing with AnnaLynn and not seeming to mind the cold at all. Good puppy. More snow fell today, but it wasn't much. The wind blew and blew and now they're saying freezing rain will fall tonight. We'll see. I'm hoping not as tomorrow is our humanities midterm -- I'm sure my students have their fingers crossed, though (wink).

I added pompoms to a couple beanies and like them so much! These are Christmas gifts that I'm happy to say are finished. I'm so far behind in my shopping and hope Dan and I can finish up this weekend, weather permitting, but that's another story... Anyway, my Lottie's Beanie pattern can be found here if you're interested in whipping up a few of these for gifting. :)

That gorgeous yellow is for a quick wee test knit I'm doing for a friend! Chickadee is a soft and quite lovely. Why haven't I knit with this before?

Finally, my copy of the latest Taproot arrived and I'm eager to try the hummis recipe!

Only 17 more sleeps 'til Christmas...are you ready? Not me...

Joining Ginny :)

xo Lisa

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  1. Hey Lisa! I have some Chickadee in wine sap that I've been saving for the last two or three years. That's so pathetic! I need to use that yarn! I love your hats, and how lucky you are to have gotten snow. We haven't gotten anything more than some flakes.

  2. I am so tempted by Taproot, I keep coming across it on line but have not yet been brave enough to subscribe. I hope it is as interesting a read as it looks!

  3. What a delightful array of photos! and better late than never :) Love your puppy and the snow, I wish I had some....maybe this weekend??

  4. We got snow this weekend, and it makes me happy!
    I love your beaning and just took a detour to add it to my Ravelry queue.
    The new Taproot looks good. Guess I'll be stopping at Barnes and Noble this week.

  5. It's fun for me to see snow in other ppl's posts as we don't get snow in the Bay Area. I like your beanies.


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