Friday, December 16, 2016

dark gray & poldark...

I've been slowly reading book one of Winston Graham's Poldark series and find it quite delightful how closely the Masterpiece series (year one) follows the novel. I like, too, how the novels leave a little (or a lot) to the me prudish, but I'd prefer some of the scenes to simply fade out, or leave things how season two ended which was enough. Sweet and romatic. Anyway, I'm looking forward to book two and am hoping someone who loves me has wrapped a copy for me for Christmas!

Currently, my knitting time is (like all of you, I'm sure) dedicated to Christmas gifts. All mine are tiny knits, hats, mitts & mittens, slippers, and a wee sweater for a certain baby boy who was born in Edinburgh.

I'm late in joining Ginny, again, but I love the picture I snapped on my frozen bird bath and wanted to share anyway. On my needles is a grass-stitch beanie knit with KPs Wool of the Andes in Cobblestone Heather -- a dreamy, wooly dark charcoal gray that I'm loving. I was concerned the texture of the stitch pattern would be lost in the color of the yarn but am delighted that it wasn't.

Only nine more sleeps 'til Christmas! Hope all your (and my!) knitting will be finished in time!

xo Lisa

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  1. lovely knitting! I think I finished the last gift but I'd like to make my nephew a hat to give to him over New Year' there is one more but it's not for Christmas.

  2. Poldark is one of my favorite series. (I too would prefer it if scenes just faded out. We would know what happened without actually showing certain scenes.) I'll have to read the books.


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