Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coming Soon. Soonish. Really. :)

It's been exactly one month since I shared about our kielbasa making sausage fest and realize I never followed up with all the fun details or the recipe. I did write it down on my ever-growing to-do list along with a reminder [back in January] to share my crocheted washcloth pattern. I did. Really.

But what I've come to realize and accept is that because my life is full, busy, sometimes crazy, and never ever dull, I don't always get to everything I set out to do. Life happens. Duty calls. My family and daily responsibilities here in Dole Valley always have to come first.

My tendency is to take on more than I can possibly ever accomplish (Note to self: Say, "No" once in a while!). And while I truly enjoy sharing here on the blog, it simply isn't my highest priority. With that, my most sincere apologies if you've been waiting for me to post something I said I would. I will get to it. Soonish. Really. :)


  1. Well I will happily and patiently be awaiting the "soonish" post of that stew recipe!

    Love you,
    Urbane. (Mind)pro.duc.tions

  2. Thanks for being patient. :) Love ya back!


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