Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gratituesday - Deer Fencing

A little over a week ago I shared about our new cherry trees and how Dan and Daniel built deer fencing to protect them. Just thought I'd share exactly why the deer fencing is necessary...

I was standing at my kitchen sink doing the dishes and minding my own business when up over the hill comes this hungry pair of deer. The mama made her way over to a part of our lawn that actually has grass growing on it (don't laugh!), but this guy hung out by my trees. You might think he's cute -- I used to think deer in my yard were cute -- but I'm certain that cute little deer is thinking something like, "Mmmm. How can I get a bite of those tender green leaves..." I know he's thinking something along those lines because his relatives ate all the leaves off the trees we planted two years ago.

And that's why I'm sooo thankful that my most wonderful hubby and son put up the deer fencing. :)

(I'm thankful, too, that I was able to snap this picture before my camera quit working!)

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  1. I need some deer fencing as well. I get around 8 deer per day in the backyard.

    Thanks for linking up to Far Above Rubies.


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