Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden Update: Take that, birds!

But first... irises are finally in bloom--gorgeous!!

About a month ago we planted our potatoes... excited to see all that growth!

Our herbs are doing well and, other than the rosemary, have managed to make a decent comeback this year. An overabundance of volunteers from last year's cilantro and chamomile had to be weeded out of this raised bed (and the pathway around the bed), but we did save a few of each for this year. They were organic starts purchased at a local herb festival last year, so hopefully, they'll produce for us. I'm especially looking forward to the chamomile, as I plan to use it in my homemade cold process soap after harvest. :)

Below is a new raised bed and trellis (inspired by Square Foot Gardening) built by the Papa and Daniel over the past two weekends. The cooler-than-usual spring we've been experiencing has us behind in getting seeds going, but we'll be filling these beds with soil and planting seed this week. Eventually, Lord willing, we'll be enjoying some tasty cucumbers and pickles.

Thanks to a spell of warm weather last weekend (three sunny days with two 80 degree days in a row!), our lettuce got the hint that it's actually supposed to grow...

And, finally, to keep the birds from eating our strawberries this year, we decided to outsmart them by covering them with netting... 

First we simply stuck stakes into the soil around the edge of the raised bed. Next, we cut the netting to size and laid it over the stakes securing it with twine (notice the pretty bows to make it easy to remove). 

Take that, Birds!!



  1. I had such a fun time seeing what you all are doing in your garden. We too have had a very cool spring and we are scrambling to get our garden in. I hope we can actually get food out of it. We have been enjoying the lettuce, chives, Egyptian bunching onions, and greens so far.


  2. Mary - Love the skirt theme you've got going over there on your blog. :) That's me everyday, too! Thanks for commenting, ~Lisa


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