Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On my needles...

After many weeks of s-l-o-w progress, I'm happy to say that I finally finished the crocheted baby blanket I started way back in the spring! Since then, I've picked my knitting needles back up and moved on to knitting a few items with a fall theme. I'll be knitting this lacy scarf and this warm pair of gloves for my lovely daughter Jessica who's moving to England this fall. After two years of living in sunny southern CA, she'll need something to help keep her warm. :)

While waiting for my yarn order to arrive from Knit Picks, I'm working on a baby beanie just because I love the colors in the yarn and wanted to knit something quick with it. :)

Here's a peek...

Self-striping yarn is wonderful.

Current reading includes...

The Kings Daughter is a collection of character building stories from the mid-late 1800s for girls. Anna and I are enjoying these stories as part of our mother-daughter devotional time.

The Help was recommended to me by my wonderful daughter-in-law. I've only read the first chapter so far, and I'm hooked. Since I don't really read too many novels, I have to say "Thanks, Christina!" for encouraging me to pick this one up (and for loaning it to me!). :) For a synopsis, click here.

I'm still working my way through Health for Godly Generations and loving it. A favorite quote from chapter five:
"We ought to submit, especially, to the choices of other Christians when in their homes. When traveling, we do not have unlimited capacity to make decisions as we do at home. Choices are limited, and sometimes we find ourselves in a less-than-preferable situation. We can make the best possible choices when we can, such as from a selection of restaurants, but we should trust God and exercise contentment when we do not have that luxury. In restaurants that do not serve according to our preference, we must defer to the circumstances that God has provided and to the hospitality of our hosts--and be thankful." [emphasis mine]
Excellent advice!


It's been a while, but today I'm sharing at the Yarn Along -- join me!


  1. I really enjoyed this post. [o= I loved seeing what is on your needles! I hope to finish de-tangling my mess and start something soon. I am waiting for my swift so I can wind up my yarn for the cowl too. It is a good thing that I am busy with other stuff to keep me occupied. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))!

  2. Thanks, Mary. :) Hope you share about your swift when it arrives! Blessings to you, ~Lisa

  3. Love the knit project. I have heard of The Help. I'd forgotten it was recommended. Glad you are enjoying it too. I shall add it to my Xmas list. :O)

  4. Madeleine - Thanks for stopping by! Book recommendations are always nice, eh? Glad to be of help (no pun intended!). Blessings, ~Lisa :)

  5. I left a comment the other day on your knitting but it must have gotten lost somewhere. Are you doing socks? Or gloves? I love doing both and esp. self striping. It's fun to watch as it knits up!

  6. Sonia - How weird... I never saw it. I finished the project in the picture above last night while visiting with dear friends; it's a baby hat, and it turned out really cute. I'll be working on a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter next and will post a pic next week of both. Blessings, ~Lisa


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