Friday, September 16, 2011

Catching up -- It's time to get busy!

It's been two days since Jess and Zack left for Oxford and I'm finally coming up for air. We had a highly emotional good-bye Wednesday morning from which I'm mostly recovered. :) I called a dear friend after leaving the airport and told her I hoped she'd never had to do what I'd just done (say goodbye to her daughter for what could potentially be three years). Sigh. So hard.

Thankfully, Daniel and AnnaLynn already have a plan for raising money for our "Oxford fund." Yep, they miss their big sis. What would be most wonderful would be for Dan and me to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year with a little overseas trip (hint, hint, Honey!).

Here's a little slide show with highlights of the past ten days:

In other news here it is the middle of September and we've barely started lessons -- only history. Monday will be our big official 1st day of school! So glad I got all my planning done earlier in the the summer. I'll share this year's curriculum maybe next week, but don't hold your breath. :)

Our garden is growing like it's July or August but the evenings are getting pretty cool; it's definitely time to harvest. Canning and freezing needs to be done as pears, cucumbers, and green beans are ready, and apples are coming soon. In October we'll be hosting a little sausage making festival here at our place. I didn't share with you all that we raised a pig this summer, did I? Actually, friends of ours raised it for us (thanks, Koch fam!), and we are sooo thankful! Butchering and processing was back in August, so our freezer is full; we're well stocked with pork for kielbasa making! Can't wait!

Have I mentioned that we'll be building a woodshed? Thankfully, we've got lots of wood cut; it just needs a home in which to be stacked. Our earliest snow since moving to Dole Valley fell in October, so we've got to get ourselves moving, don't you think? Two weeks from tomorrow will be October 1st - yikes.

Finally, I've got three holiday bazaars coming in late November - early December that need to be prepared for. This fact is simply overwhelming, yet I'm feeling energized and motivated! After all, I've got an "Oxford fund" to fill, right?! I'm ready to dive in and busy myself in the making of candles and soap and creating something with these beauties I picked up at the Goodwill (love, love, LOVE the Goodwill!):

Nope, they're not for pictures. I'll share as soon as they're finished. :)

And now I'm off to do a bit of catching up with life. See you next week for Muffin Monday!


  1. I loved your slide show. [o= Looks like lots of love, laughter and a bit of tears shared. Praying it won't be three years. ((HUGS)) Wow three fairs and I thought two was big. I can't wait to see pics of ALL these wonderful creations you are going to make. I am dying to know what you will do with the picture frames.

    Praying blessings on your starting of school.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  2. Anonymous9/17/2011

    You are brave to attempt 3 craft fairs! Those can be daunting! Hope you sell out at each one!

    Have fun with school-my daughters are doing homeschooling this year and both are loving it! I'd love a peek into your curriculum!

    Love the family photos!

  3. Three, I know...

    I decided on three bazaars this year as each is in a different part of our county providing the opportunity for more exposure for my creations and, most importantly, to add to our Oxford fund!

    My kiddos always make a few things for me to take along (and Anna always joins me at each bazaar); it's a great way to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in them!


    Lisa :)

  4. 2 weeks until October? How on earth can that possibly be?!

    I was planning on starting school this coming Monday which is a week late for us. But something came up and it will be another week... It's a good thing...

    An Oxford fund eh? So the goodbye for 3 years isn't really. Soon you'll be there loving and enjoying, not to mention having the ultimate field trip!

    *And of course I didn't make the call!! I'm definitely all bark and no bite!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Anonymous9/17/2011

    Those picture frames are lovely! Three fairs, that really takes a bit of work :)


  6. Uh oh... where are my muffins? ;)


  7. Anonymous9/19/2011

    Oh my! As I read all your upcoming plans, I think that my head began to hurt, ha, ha! Where do you get all of your energy? :)

    I enjoyed the slide show. Those are some very nice pictures. Did you take them? Whoever took them is quite the photographer.

    I'm praying that you'll get your Oxford Fund going so well that it will be oozing out the sides with plenty of funds! :)

    Take care Dear Lady!

  8. Debbie, You, my dear, are supposed to be at the beach or something like that, aren't you? :) Muffins are coming...

    Maria, Thanks! I like the frames I found, too! And I know. Three. Yikes!

    Madame, Energy? To get myself to Oxford to see my daughter I may just drive myself to exhaustion! (just kidding...) Energy is l-o-w; motivation, however, is high! Oh, and my daughter took the pictures; she has an amazing camera and is quite gifted. I do my best to imitate her, but she's definitely the photographer of the family.

    Many blessings to each of you! ~Lisa


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