Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wind and rain and storm... (J.C.Ryle)

How would the great work of sanctification go on in a person if they had no trial? Trouble is often the only fire which will burn away the dross that clings to our hearts. Trouble is the pruning–knife which Christ employs in order to make us fruitful in good works. The harvest of the Lord’s field is seldom ripened by sunshine only. It must go through its days of wind and rain and storm.

~ J.C. Ryle

Our family's had a relatively calm, uneventful summer. We've enjoyed the blessing of having our daughter and her husband here with us for a couple weeks, we've enjoyed the fruits of our vegetable garden, we've played at the river and spent lazy days reading book after book.

Today, ten years after the tragedy of September 11, we look back and remember. We mourn for the lives lost and contemplate that, indeed, ten years have passed since that awful day. This summer has been a hard one for families across our nation. Wind and rain and storm and heat and lack of rain have wreaked havoc in the lives of many.

Through the blessings and the trials, may we keep our focus on Christ! May we pray and seek His face that He might heal our land.

Resting in His sovereign mercy,



  1. Anonymous9/11/2011

    A tough day. A memory that is hard to forget.


  2. This is a beautiful encouragement Lisa. I, like you have been unaffected by the natural disasters and such that this nation has suffered this summer. But I pray for those who have beend and offer my thanksgiving that as for now, peace reigns in our part of the world.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Anonymous9/12/2011

    These are some sobering but great thoughts!

    Although we may not be currently affected by rain, wind, or storm spiritually or physically, we can't forgot those who are experiencing these trials. At the same time, we can't be "too proud," if our lives are currently "free" of trials. This is because we never know when these same trials that are currently effecting others will soon come our way.


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