Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On my needles - A mid-October day at the river...

I had numerous reasons to stay home yesterday. The to-do list was calling -- the tyranny of the urgent almost got the better of me. But it didn't. :)

It was sunny, and it was warm -- a 70 degree day in mid-October is a gift to be enjoyed! And to top things off, it was AnnaLynn's final day of being 10 years old.
So we threw together a simple picnic lunch of tuna sandwiches on sourdough, dill pickles, and some chips and salsa and seized the day. :)

After enjoying our little picnic lunch by the river, Daniel and Anna ventured off to explore...

While I enjoyed a peaceful hour of knitting.

Eventually, my sense of responsibility and that nagging to-do list prevailed; it was time to head for home.

What a great way to spend the day. I love that we live only five minutes away from such a beautiful place!

As you might have guessed from the photo above, this week's knitting has been focused on trying to make progress on Jessica's scarf. Reading time has been rather limited, but I did spend some time earlier this week reading about soaking grains in Nourishing Traditions.

The only other project I gave any attention to this week was working up a few more crocheted pieces for the jewelry frame displays I'm making for my upcoming bazaars (the first one is coming quickly -- Nov. 12).

Sharing over at the Yarn Along. :)


  1. That sounds like such a great day! And seriously, such a gorgeous setting!!

  2. Anonymous10/19/2011

    Well...good luck on those bazaars! Hope it goes very well!

    The scarf if coming along nicely! Looking good!
    I've got socks for a 4 y.o. grandson on the needles right now!

  3. Anonymous10/19/2011

    The knitting looks so pretty...enjoy the sun my friend, here in the East it has been missing for a bit :(


  4. I LOVE the scarf, and I've been wanting to read Nourishing Traditions, which reminds me, I need to soak my oatmeal for tomorrow morning.

  5. AFter a day of 50's and rain, it was a pleasure to see your pictures.

    Still love the scarf; especially the color


  6. Your knitting and crocheting are coming along very nicely! I pray that you feel a peace in all that you are able to do. I hope the birthday party was a good time for all and your little lady feels very blessed by all the celebrations.

    I can't wait to see that scarf all done. I am hoping to get some time tonight to start the decrease rows on my sock slouch hat. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))!

  7. Ok, ladies, my sunshine has been replaced with cloudy, rainy, cool days. So thankful we spent Tuesday afternoon at the river! And thanks for all the kind words about the scarf...Lord willing, I'll be finished in the next week or two! Can't wait to share. :) ~Lisa

  8. Jess' scarf looks so beautiful, you are so gifted! I didn't know you guys went to the river yesterday, what fun! It was such a nice day outside. :o)

    I can hardly believe AnnaLynn is eleven, it seems like yesterday she was six!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day with such nice pictures. ;o)

  9. how beautiful it is where you live, and i love your pretty scarf. happy birthday to your lovely daughter.


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