Friday, November 18, 2011


I know it's not much, but it's our first snow of the season. And the first snow is always special, don't you know.


  1. Kaylee thinks that is totally cool. She's been hoping for snow all week since it's been "so cold!!!" I think she just wants a chance to go out shopping for snow boots that fit. ;-)

  2. Chels -- Goodwill is THE place to go! :) Hope some snow falls in town so that girl of yours can have some fun... ~Lisa

  3. How beautiful! Being so low, we didn't get any, but we're hoping the temp keeps dropping so we can get at least a dusting! :)

  4. Missed us, but I'm hoping for some tonight~I'll be the crazy lady running around in the field with my flashlight! :) It sure is beautiful, no matter the amount!

  5. Anonymous11/18/2011

    Snow! We actually have about 1 1/2" one day last week. So...the season has started! Do you get much during the winter? I love it at first, then get tired of it=and by February I'm done! haha

  6. YAY!!! I LOVE snow! I hope it comes down here soon. :)

  7. Hi everyone! The snow missed us last night, so I'm guessing no one in town got any either. Lord willing, we'll see more of the white stuff soon!

    Pamela, we do get snow but it's hit an miss at our elevation (~900'). The higher mountains all around us are covered and look quite beautiful! When we get a large accumulation, it tends to stick around for weeks which my kiddos LOVE! Blessings, ~Lisa :)

  8. Such a sweet picture...brings a smile to my face! No snow here yet...but the "bite" of cold has settled in Chicagoland, so i know winter is not far away.


  9. It looks soooooo pretty! We got a good snow but they are saying it will warm up in the next few days. We wished it would stay -8C for the rest of the winter instead of this yo yo weather. I am thankful I am able to slow down a bit now. I can't wait to catch up more.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))


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