Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be the wheat...

It is vain to have the name of wheat, we must have the nature of wheat. God will not be mocked: he will not be pleased by our calling ourselves Christians while we are not so. Be not satisfied with church membership; but seek after membership with Christ. Do not talk about faith, but exercise it. Do not boast of experience, but possess it. Be not like the wheat, but be the wheat. No shams and imitations will stand in the last great day: that terrible "but" will roll as a sea of fire between the true and the false. Oh Holy Spirit! Let each of us be found transformed by thy power. 
~C.H. Spurgeon

I love it when I come across a good line or quote. Found this one today over on Sonia's blog. More wisdom from Mr. Spurgeon is to be found here in a collection known as his Farm Sermons. Me? I'd not heard of them before, but for this wanna-be farmer's wife, I'm eager to read more. From the preface:
Never can the tiller of the ground open his eyes without learning something if he is willing to be taught. Weeds and plants, frost and sunshine, green shoots and yellow ears, drills and reapers, hedges and ditches, foxes and sheep, drought and flood, waggons and horses, harrows and ploughs—all reveal some spiritual mystery concerning God and our own souls. Surely those men should learn much who find a schoolmaster and a lesson-book in every acre which they cultivate.
Words of wisdom for gardeners to be sure. A lesson to be learned in every acre, every raised bed, and every potted plant. Happy gardening.

Join me for Gratituesday :)

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  1. Hey, thank you for the link! I loved that quote when I read it. I am glad you liked it, too. And I love your new header, too! That's something I struggle with, designing the headers, backgrounds, etc.


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