Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homestead Plans 2012 {Garden Journal #1}

It may seem late to some of you who've been enjoying spring-like weather to be just now getting started on our homestead goals for the coming spring and summer, but as you can see in the top two photos below, winter has been slow to yield in our corner of the country. We had several inches of snow fall last Monday morning, and then we had a dusting again this morning (Saturday). Eventually, the weather will turn...

Most of the following pictures were taken last week when we had a day or two of sunshine. First up is our overgrown strawberry patch. Notice that I never took down the bird netting from last summer (the greenery had grown through it, so I left it knowing how easy it would be to deal with it in the spring). Lots of new growth here, even in the paths around the raised bed. I'm thinking I'll have plants to share with the locals if anyone wants some...

Our first ever attempt at growing garlic is looking to be successful. Can't wait to harvest in June! (The rocks were to hold the chicken wire down to keep our hens from scratching and digging up the bulbs last fall.)

A few herbs are making a comeback...these will be moved out back once we get things set up (see below).

Raised beds with trellises for cucumbers.

We'll be planting potatoes in the empty box when it's time. We'll be adding another box or two below these three. Last year we grew a good crop of corn in the open space below the boxes. Along the fence dividing the garden from the chicken yard is a row of blueberry bushes we put in last year (but you can't really see them as they're still pretty small).

The area to the left of the tree trunk (a Douglas fir) is where we'll be building our wood shed (Lord willing!).

This is a photo from a couple weeks ago when we got dumped on, but I'm including it here since it shows quite well how the snow weighed down the deer fencing that protects our young fruit trees. This repair will need to be taken care of asap to prevent the deer from eating the buds when they begin to open.

This is where I attempt to grow's not always easy to know what the local deer will have an appetite for from year to year, so this can be a great source of frustration. :(

As you can see, they do like to hang around our place making things tricky for growing flowers not to mention the necessity of deer fencing around our vegetable garden and fruit trees.

The southeast corner of our house needs a little attention; however, this isn't too much of a priority this year.

Our deck as it sat just two weeks ago.

Last Saturday my men built and installed the benches (which means "build benches for deck" gets to be the first item we check off our project list)!!

The dirt area in this photo is home to two cherry trees and the future home of our herb garden. We'll be putting in a few raised beds here and just maybe a low fence to make things look nice. The shed will be receiving a little attention as well (time and money permitting).

This is where we usually stack our fire wood (as you can see, we're pretty low). This area is going to become a makeshift brooder for the chicks we'll be receiving early in May (chicks for eggs as well as for meat this year!).

Plans for this week include starting seed for spring crops including lettuce, peas, and spinach. Weather permitting, we'll do a little clean up in the raised beds and amend the soil. Eventually, we'll start working on those strawberry plants, but we'll see how things go. Another task needing to be completed soon (but not necessarily this week) is to lay down a weed barrier between the raised beds; we've got newspaper and straw for that task, so we're ready to go.

So that's what's happening around our place -- how about yours?


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  1. Thank you for saying "our deck as it sat just two weeks ago,"when you could just as truthfully have said, "our deck as it sat for these long two plus years." Your patience is very much appreciated!

    Love you,

    Your husband

  2. Oh my! what a wonderfully lovely place!

    Love the trellis' for the cucumbers - I want some!!!! (envy is not pretty)

    Looking forward to seeing the progress

    ps - absolutely love your husband's comment - laughed out loud!

    1. Karen, Thanks for the sweet comment -- laughing out loud myself!! ~Lisa :)

  3. I have always enjoyed seeing photos of everyone's garden...they look like mine does at the moment - empty :)

    1. Oh, but I am really yearning to get digging in my garden, Maria -- empty or not! Hope you share your garden, too.

      ~Lisa :)

  4. You have a beautiful home!

    1. Kathy, Thank you! It's a work in progress. We do what we can do, as we have the resources and time. Blessings, ~Lisa :)

  5. I really like this post! And the sweet note from your husband is nice, too. :) I like seeing your garden beds and fencing and chicken area. If we are able to move out to the country it would be nice to have a big garden and some chickens.

    1. Thanks, Amber. That was a sweet note, wasn't it? Finding time to finish all the various projects that need to be taken care of here at home when he works full time all week can be difficult, so what needs to be done is what gets done. Thankfully, last Saturday it was our benches! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment. May the Lord soon fulfill your desire to move to the country! Blessings, ~Lisa :)

  6. Your garden looks wonderful! I really enjoyed the garden tour and I love the cucumber trellises!

  7. Lovely pictures and big plans! I am humbled! I was sitting planning just a garden and feeling overwhelmed. You are an inspiration!

  8. Your property is so beautiful!!! But I am with you that I would appreciate if winter let up a little!!! It is hanging on a little too long.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet words! Joanna, we got snow again yesterday and have several inches on the ground this morning. I'm starting seed indoors this week -- snow or not! While I love the way everything looks when the landscape is covered with a blanket of white, I'm ready for spring! Sonia, you inspire me right back. :) This will be my year to raise and butcher a chicken (we've raised them before, but I wasn't involved in the butchering process...).

    Many blessings to you all! ~Lisa

  10. I'm envying your garden areas- we have the same problems with deer (mule deer are not shy!) and clay soil to deal with, as well as grasshoppers. What a great idea to create a place for your hatchlings from that small 'run' sized area! Thanks for sharing.

  11. My first time stopping in and I enjoyed very much! Looking forward to reading more. Please stop by at:

  12. I love the pictures. You sure have a beautiful place there and lots of nice garden beds. I wish you the best with your garden this year.

  13. What a nice homestead you have. I am jealous of all your wonderful plants and beds. Can't wait to see how it goes for you when the harvest starts coming in. We really want to get some land and be able to do more "homesteading." I especially want to get some chickens so we can have pastured eggs from our own land. Thanks for sharing your post, Lisa.

  14. I so enjoyed reading this post - it's nice to learn about all the projects you have on the go. You really do have some wonderful plants and beds. I know it is a lot of work though! I agree deer are a nuisance but you have some lovely photographs of them in this post too! Oh, and I adore the comment from your husband - that is so sweet!! Thank you so much for sharing this post.


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