Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seedlings... {Garden Journal #3}

Not too terribly much happening around here in the garden this week. It's been cool and rainy, so our soil is still too wet to work. The good news is that the spinach and romaine lettuce seeds we planted indoors last Saturday showed signs of life beginning on Thursday; these are seeds leftover from last year's packets, so I'm pretty happy they've sprouted. :)

Spinach... this amazes me.

and romaine...

We planted three romaine seeds in each cell on the left and two spinach seeds into each cell on the right. Altogether 23 out of 30 lettuce seeds have sprouted which isn't too bad; however, only 8 out of 20 spinach seeds have sprouted. We'll plant another tray of each next Saturday and then every other Saturday so that we'll be able to enjoy a continual crop. Can't wait until we can harvest and enjoy some homegrown salads!

The lettuce seedlings given to us by my dad last weekend are doing well but are close to needing to be transplanted. Lord willing, our weather will improve, but for now our ten-day forecast isn't looking very hopeful -- still lots of rain and temps ranging anywhere from the high 40s to the high 50s. We're still having overnight temps in the 40s and high 30s. Sigh. Thankfully, April is on it's way.

In the meanwhile, I've been reading my trusty copy of Square Foot Gardening as well as the latest seed catalog from Territorial Seeds.

This week's plans include:
  • purchasing seed for summer crops
  • starting more lettuce and spinach seeds indoors
  • cleaning up our strawberry patch, weather permitting
  • reading chapter 11 (transplanting) in Square Foot Gardening
  • cleaning out our flower bed and dividing our iris, Shasta daisy, lamb's ear, and day lily
  • re-potting a couple of potted plants on that live on our front porch

Happy gardening!



Joining Ginny for her Saturday Garden Journal :)


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  1. Very nice! Love all of your laid out plans!

  2. They look so beautiful...fragile yet strong and determined.


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