Saturday, April 14, 2012

A sunny workday & kittens {Garden Journal #4}

We took advantage of the sunny, warm weather last Saturday to get a little prep work and clean up accomplished...

Daniel and the papa added new 4-way soil to our compacted raised beds, while AnnaLynn cut down weather-worn string and old green bean vines.

In an attempt to keep down the weeds that like to grow around our raised beds, we all pitched in and put down a layer of newspaper covered with straw. This is the first year we've tried this...hope it works!

Looks nice, huh? We also cleaned up our strawberry bed; the stakes will hold up netting to keep the local birds out when berry season arrives...

After working in the vegetable garden, the kids and I spent some time weeding our flower bed and transplanting potted plants. Sadly, I discovered that the deer have been nibbling on my daylily as well as my hens and chicks. Argh. The annuals in this bed still need to be divided and the soil needs to be amended (hoping to get to this soon -- food before flowers).

Our other garden activities last week:
  • transplanted the lettuce and spinach seedlings we started on March 24 into bigger pots
  • planted peas in the garden
  • planted the lettuce my dad gave us out in the garden
  • started seed indoors for oak leaf lettuce, more spinach, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, and morning glory
As of today (one week later), everything has sprouted which makes me super happy. :)

Goals for the next week or two include taking care of the front flower bed, transplanting seedlings that are ready into bigger pots, moving lettuce and spinach out to the garden, and building two new raised beds. I'm still reading and gleaning from Square Foot Gardening; even though we've grown our own vegetables for many years now, there's always something new to learn! And reading is good because until things warm up around here, there isn't too much more to do in the garden (although we will eventually need to prepare the ground where we'll grow our corn).

And, finally, Sox the cat -- one of our homestead mousers and proud mama cat of seven newborn kittens. :)

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  1. Your garden is beautiful and the kittens-- I love the kittens!

  2. The raised beds look great and nicely terraced. Hope you have a great growing year!

    1. Thanks, Mike. Wishing you the same with your garden; surely you're way ahead of us down south. :)

  3. Anonymous4/14/2012

    Oooo...kittens :) It is so good to see your garden coming together, and also your lovely porch...thank you for sharing :)

  4. Hi Lisa ~ thank you for dropping by The Country Mumkin and leaving a message, I'm very new to blogging so it is so exciting when someone leaves me a note! Your garden is looking great. I was thinking about putting straw around my courgettes this year, I think I will follow your lead and put newspaper down first ~ thank you! Happy gardening!
    Best wishes Emily
    PS Your cat is gorgeous.

  5. Your garden is wonderful! It is awesome to you all out there as family working it! God Bless you all!

  6. Your garden is so beautiful! I love you helpers at work!

  7. I noticed the high fences, that's to keep the veggies from running away, right?
    You mama cat looks like my altered lady cat, love kittens but not in a 27 ft RV.

  8. Our cat just queened as well--Friday the 13th, of all days. She had 5, and we lost 2. It was her first queening.

    Congrats to you and your girl.

  9. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Wow! You all have been so busy.

    (Beautiful kitties!)

  10. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! The kittens are now nine days old and doing very well. :) This weekend is supposed to be in the 70s (a first for us this year), so we're hoping to get a lot accomplished around here. :) Blessings, ~Lisa


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