Monday, May 7, 2012

Digging in the dirt and patiently waiting... {Garden Journal #6}

Here's what's happening around our little homestead where the landscape is slowly transforming from a dreary winter brown to a vibrant spring green!

All in all we did well on last week's plans but never did manage to divide and transplant anything out of our flower bed; I guess that task will have to wait. Morning glories that were started several weeks ago were planted near our porch; I'm hoping to enjoy their climbing, flowering vines all summer long (as well as the hummingbirds I hope they'll attract). Currently in bloom are forget-me-nots and bluebells, and coming soon our bearded iris will put on their gorgeous show (must be close to Mother's Day).

Dan brought home new chicks on Wednesday; pullets that will replace our aging flock of layers (more on this another time...)

Lettuce and spinach starts were transplanted out into the garden which means that it's time to plant more lettuce seed. We picked some outer leaves from the French Crisp lettuce my dad gave me earlier this spring and enjoyed a delicious salad -- oh, how I love a freshly picked salad! There's nothing like it (except maybe freshly picked strawberries, but those aren't even close although I did spy two strawberry blossoms yesterday!).

Our cherry tomato seedlings were transplanted to bigger pots and are doing quite well under the grow lights. We've never tried growing tomatoes, so I'm de-ligh-ted about this!! As soon as we get hoops in place, these will be moved out to our new raised bed -- so excited!

Peas are looking good; thankfully, we discovered how our naughty hens were getting into the garden and blocked up their entry. Now they won't be digging up any more of our seedlings! As you can see in the photo below, thistles have taken up residence in the raised bed where we grow our potatoes...these needed to go! Weren't we surprised to find a few volunteer potatoes coming up! Are we the only ones who always miss a couple potatoes during the harvest? This discovery suggested that it's time to plant potatoes, so that's just what we did.

By the way, did you know the healthy benefits of working the soil in your garden? Susie over at Our Simple Farm wrote about it and I encourage you to give her a visit!

Kitten update! Mama cat moved them out of their box on Tuesday (their three week birthday) to a spot on the garage floor where they have room to move about. The little cuties will turn four weeks tomorrow and are already beginning to nibble on cat food. Time flies! Please allow me to introduce Little Blackie, Mattie, Rooster, La Boeufa, Tucker, Boots, and Mr. Holstein (can you guess a recent favorite movie?). I know it's not the best photo; it's not easy to get a good group shot since they're so active. :)

According to local legend, the time to plant our summer garden is after all the snow has melted off of Silver Star Mountain, so we're patiently waiting. For now we're enjoying the greening up of the landscape (the blessing of our abundant spring rains (this is the Pacific NW after all)) and looking forward to the warmer temperatures we're expecting this week. Soon and very soon the snow will melt away and it will be time to plant. I'm working on my patience. :)

Plans for this week:
  • Bring in a load of soil to amend an area where some of our flower bed plants will (eventually) be moved.
  • Prepare the dirt in our corn patch for planting.
  • Start more lettuce and spinach seed.
  • Plant the raspberry canes my sister gave us over the weekend.
  • Create a chart to record our garden/homestead production this year. I've never kept track before, so I'm excited to see how much we actually produce over the growing season. :)
  • Prepare the brooder for the 30 meat birds we ordered (picking them up on Wednesday).
  • Decide on a name for our "farm": Foothill Farm or Dole Valley Farm. Any opinions?
That's it for the happenings around here; how is your garden growing?


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  1. Your garden is coming along nicely Lisa :)

    I like both names...but Foothill has a nice ring to it.


    1. It's the alliteration, I think. :) ~L

  2. Oh how I love kittens!!!!!!!!!!! Your tomato plants look like they're coming along beautifully.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Anne! Kittens are definitely lovable. :)

  3. Sooooooooooo much life goin on there! [o= It all looks beautiful. I look at your pics and I feel we are behind. Well we are but with it being so cold at nights we are not too worried. Hubby will be planting lots on this coming Monday. I need to schedule my life better so I can get out there with him. ((sigh))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    1. Mary, I just heard on the radio that we're due for a freeze tonight, then the temps are warming all the way up into the 80s over the weekend. Crazy! Put your boots on and get out there, girl!

  4. Awww, puddy-tats! I just adore kittens...I grew up with cats, but am now too allergic to them to have any. Your garden is looking wonderful...I am so overwhelmed with my life right now, I haven't gotten my lettuce seeds in yet, nor anything else, and I have beds full of overgrown/over-taking perennials and weeds right now. Not a good, healthy, feeling from my garden at this point! But, as I keep telling myself, I am just one person, and I can only do what I can do, and right now that's one thing at a time, one small step at a time, and I must close my eyes to the rest of the stuff on my long and scary big-tasks-to-do list. I'll enjoy gardening vicariously for now, by coming to your blog, LOL!

    1. You've got your hands quite full right now -- one day at a time! Lord willing, you'll find a few spare moments to plant a few things in that borrowed raised bed I read about. In the meanwhile, count it all joy, my friend!

      Blessings, ~Lisa

  5. Chicks and kittens are so cute, and your tomato transplants look great!

    1. Thanks and welcome, Athena! Love your gardening blog and look forward to gleaning from your master gardening wisdom. :)

  6. Those kittens are awfully cute! I keep thinking about growing potatoes.... one of these years....

    1. Potatoes are so easy! Hope you give them a try; it's not too late! Thanks for dropping by, ~Lisa


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