Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finis!! (until next fall that is...) {Gratituesday}

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks;
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
~I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Some sat in the sun...

Others in the shade.

Pen to paper for four long hours -- 24 essays, four recitations, and a map of modern Europe. The culmination of this year's study of Christendom -- 44 lectures in all. Just what did we learn this year and how much of it do we remember? Dates and dead people or ideas? Ideas do have consequences, you know.

The best part of the day was hearing a brief speech from each of these young people. Listening as they shared what they'd learned, what was important to them, what struck a chord in their hearts and minds. Ideas! Beauty, goodness, and truth. They do get it. All the hard work, diligence in study, discussions, and projects have left an indelible impression. Their worldviews have been shaped and molded; we heard it in their words as well as their voices and give praise for it!

FINIS!!  Congratulations Gileskirk students!

And to my "Jr. Gileskirk" students who also wrapped up their study of The Middle Ages/Christendom last week:

Congratulations and well done!

Oh how I wish I'd had the education I'm able to give my children! All thanks and praise to the Lord for the opportunity to not only teach them at home, but to learn right along with them.

Your turn! What are you thankful for today, my friends?

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  1. Wow, sounds intense! I studied some of those time periods in college - fascinating!

    1. Intense, yes, but we keep it fun. :)

  2. Beautiful children, Lisa. And I,like you, envy my children...wishing that I could have gotten the education my children are getting. But I am learning right along with them and loving every minute. :)
    Have a blessed week!

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Lisa. :) Loving every minute of it, indeed!!

  3. The last photo is my favorite. It's too cute! :) These children are very blessed to be receiving such a wonderful education.

    As for me, I am thankful that I am learning not to let my insomnia ruin my life, and that I have started exercising again! :) I could say more, but I don't want to make a book out of this comment. :)

    1. Mara, I'm glad I could provide a little distraction during your nighttime waking hours. Insomnia is a "thorn" that I know all too well; I've spent many a "wee-hour" visiting around blogland myself. :) Exercise is a good remedy, so I hope it will prove helpful! Thanks for visiting. :) ~Lisa

  4. I so agree, I wish I could have had the education I'm able to give my boys. I know I would have like school much better if I had :)

    Thanks for posting over at the Back To School Monday Homeschool Link-Up this week!

    Susan Godfrey

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for hosting! ~Lisa


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