Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Update...
{2014 #1}

Lottie w/ her Baba -- oh, how I love this girl!  :)

Cheese. Potatoes. Delicious.

And while the rest of the country freezes...

Short sleeves in January? Crazy! It was 55 degrees here yesterday!

Last week I took a solo walk after lunch...

We live in logging country...this is a common sight on our road.

Not sure what this plant is. Notice the contrast between the bare branches and the green of the Douglas fir forest in the background...guess that's why Washington is called the evergreen state.

We roasted the last of our homegrown meat birds last week and made a tasty, nourishing broth afterward.

It's always fun to get mail...

Jessica spent some time in the Czech Republic over the holidays and sent me a gift from, as she called it, the land of my people -- my grandpa on my dad's side is from there. :)

Today is another sunny day in paradise! So thankful. But while Dan and Daniel are tackling outdoor work, I'm stuck inside at my desk collecting all the paperwork requested by my accountant for our taxes -- bah! A much-needed break is being spent here sorting through pictures which has obviously turned into a blog post. :) I'm contemplating whether my help is needed outdoors...surely it is. I can always finish my desk work after the sun sets behind the mountains, right?

Well, I'm off. I'm betting Dan will send me back in to fix lunch...


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  1. Recipe for that yummy looking cheesy potato dish????

    1. Heather -- I'll do my best to share on Monday :) ~Lisa

  2. What a beautiful baby Lisa, you are so blessed.
    I love seeing all the photos of your state, I've never visited Washington, but I think I would really like it.
    I hope you were able to finish all your paper work and get outside. I haven't even started our taxes yet, I just can't face it this month..sigh.

  3. lovely photos, you with your grand is just the bestest ever!! The potatoes look delicious. I love how green everything looks where you live, here it is winter white-I'm not complaining though.

  4. Anonymous1/28/2014

    Oh my friend...taxes can put anyone in a bad mood :(... but you look absolutely beautiful holding your lovely grand baby... m.

  5. Short sleeves in January is COMPLETELY crazy LOL - but so lovely too! crazy-lovely, what could be better?

  6. I LOVE this picture of you and Lottie! :)

    1. Me, too. You were so right about how much I would love being a g'ma, my dear friend. :)


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