Saturday, February 15, 2014

{weekend update -- 2014 #4}

All our snow melted this week as rain returned to the Pacific Northwest. We sure need it as does the entire west coast. Lettuce seedlings were transplanted into individual pots this week; it will be a while before they will go outdoors into the raised beds. Friday night was dinner and a movie in Battle Ground with my Valentine. :) The Mill Creek Pub has a deal for dinner for two that includes two tickets to the Battle Ground Cinema, so we took advantage of that and saw The Monuments Men which was quite good.

The kids have started a photography class via skype taught by their sister, the talented Jessica, who has been photographing her way around Europe (I encourage you to take a look). I hope to learn along with them...perhaps the photos here will improve!

Scarves arrived in the mail this week...crocheted by G'ma Mihaly. A valentine scarf with hearts for Anna and a Dr. Who inspired monster scarf for Daniel. Me? I received a package from a new friend in Pennsylvania! Will share more about that in a couple days... :) 

Anna & I had planned to host a Valentine's Tea Party this morning...we bought tulips for a pretty centerpiece, we filled a jar with jelly beans for a guessing game, we planned fun activities and baked cookies and planned a delicious luncheon! But. I woke up with an upset stomach this morning and decided it would be best to cancel. :(  We are rescheduled for March, Lord willing. This winter has proven to be one a tough one for our church community with lots of sickness. Blah.

Hope your week was filled with wonderful things and your Valentine's Day was sweet! I found the following on Pinterest and just had to share...

Says it all! Blessings,


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  1. Hi Lisa! Love your creative energy...especially when I have absolutely nothing left :-/ It's so refreshing! I am glad you've finally gotten some rain out there, wow! It will be quite a while before the snow melts here, and I am even able to get into my greenhouse on the farm. I've never started plants from seed before, so this year will be a first. I have so much to learn, this job is really one for a much younger woman (praying for "her" to join the farm soon, LOL!), but I'll do what I can. Love the teacups!

  2. Lisa, I am so sorry you had to cancel your tea party and hope you are feeling better.
    I spent some time on Jessica's blog [thank you for the link], and enjoyed seeing all the
    beautiful photos.
    I just discovered the joys of pinterest and have been having the best time, but oh my does it take up a lot of time. I am now setting the timer so I won't spend hours on the computer.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. love the last photo, creative and a great bible verse :)

  4. Anonymous2/17/2014

    All the photos are quite lovely and I like both scarves!

    Hope you are feeling seems to be that time of year.


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