Friday, April 18, 2014

and if time is a river...

Been spending my time and squeezing all I can out of each and every day. Sunny, warm days here during spring break last week gave us the incentive to get outside and work. The garden has been tended, the paths surrounding our raised beds have been mulched against weeds, and cool weather vegetable seed has been sown. The fruit trees have new deer fencing around them, and the lawn was mowed for the first of many times until October rolls around. Flowers once again decorate our front porch and back deck. Hummingbirds are visiting us once again (they love sugar water). And Charlotte's Easter shrug is ready for Sunday. It must be spring. :)

That crocheted bunting I was working on is finished and adorns my kitchen window. I wish I was more of a decorator...decorations make things so festive, you know? :)

My apologies for the clutter-filled and dimly lit pic. :)

It's Good Friday. Church is at 7 tonight if you care to join us for the opportunity to render particular thanks and praise for the Lord's death on our behalf. In the words of our pastor, "American evangelicals are often accused of doing celebration well, but leaving no room for lament and sorrow. This is not entirely accurate, but there's some truth to it. Thus, against the inclination to be in a state of constant glee, we take Good Friday as a point in our year at which to stop and ponder, with a Godly sorrow that leads to repentance.(2 Cor. 7:10)"

Been reading Death by Living by N.D. Wilson and came across this gem at the end of chapter 8:

Drink your wine. Laugh from your gut. Burden your moments with thankfulness. Be as empty as you can be when that clock winds down. Spend your life. And if time is a river, may you leave a wake.  ~N.D. Wilson

Thankful for so much and especially that time IS like a river. It rolls along. Sometimes slow and smooth, sometimes fast and churning, but never does it stop. I hope I'm leaving a worthy wake...

Planning to catch up here next week and see what you've all been up to. :)

A blessed and happy Easter to you all! It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!


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  1. Happy Easter Lisa.

    Sounds like you have been busy. We are on spring break this next week and my list is long!

  2. Blessed Holy Good Friday to you all today.
    And Blessed and Joyous Easter on Sunday!

  3. I love the quote...stirs up emotions. :) Can't wait to see you my friend! We have so many things to catch up on! LY! J.


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