Wednesday, April 2, 2014

tending my yarn garden...

Washcloths! All my kitchen washcloths were looking pretty sad (and smelling not so fresh, if you know what I mean...), so I pulled a massive skein of cotton out of my stash and whipped out some new ones. I think there's enough yarn left to knit up one more which will give me six altogether. I'll include the pattern I use below.

Reading is all over the place and primarily focused on the garden and fruit trees and hens. "Mother" is always full of great tips and ideas. We're planning to do some landscaping this spring and summer, so I've been reading about that, too, and have found lots of dreamy ideas on Pinterest.

I've begun the final version of Charlotte's shrug and am almost finished with these. The crocheted slippers I've been helping a friend with are being test knit crocheted (duh!) by her mom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there aren't too many corrections needed in the written pattern. Oh! I almost forgot to share that I secretly finished that adopted blanket (the Jared Flood) for Christina as a surprise while she and Jeff were off at the coast a couple weekends ago! It's a great baby afghan pattern if you need one.

Knitted Kitchen Washcloth, Dole Valley Style :)

Using ww cotton yarn and #9 or 10 knitting needles, co on 4 st and k 2 rows.
Increase Rows 3 - 30: k2, yo, k to end of row, turn.
Decrease Rows 31 until 5 st remain: k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end of row, turn.
On next row: k1, k2 tog twice, turn
On last row: bind off, cut yarn and weave in ends.

[ 4/3/14 -- so I actually got 7 (!) washcloths out of my skein and finished the final one last evening (while watching this), and the thing is that I discovered that I actually finish off differently than I typed above, so, I'm including the alternate ending here simply because I'm a perfectionist (although I wish I wasn't...). ]

**Alternate finish:

Decrease until 6 st remain, k 1, k2tog twice, k1 (4 st remain), turn
On next row: k1, k2tog, bind st off, k1, bind final st off, cut yarn, etc.

I like my kitchen cloths on the smaller side; you can continue increasing past the 30 rows if you'd like a larger cloth (say 35 st) before beginning the decreases.

What are you reading/knitting/crocheting? Please share in the comments and join me at Ginny's. :)


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  1. Haven't put time into a blog post yet :) Now that I finished my sweater project, I'm trying to wrap up several smaller things before casting on too many more things!! The next week is so is a push to finish a knitted lace scarf.

  2. wash cloth knitting is perfect for those in between times of knitting larger projects. And a bonus when you have worn out stinky ones in the house.

  3. I have a few cloths coming off the needles too and really need to cast on some more. I can't believe how hard I am on dish cloths, but I guess when I wash dishes all day long it's not hard :)
    Thanks for the pattern, I like my cloths a little smaller too.

  4. Yay! Wash clothes are great! I am going to need to replace some of ours as well soon! I've been looking at stuff for decorating and my goodness, there are a lot of lovely ideas out there!! :)

  5. Wash cloths are always a good item to have around. I found some great gardening ideas on Pinterest. Maybe that's why I haven't knit so much....

  6. My sister has made me a bunch of these. I like mine on the smaller side also. However, I don't like to wash dishes with them - I use them to wash my face in the shower!

    I've got soooo many things on the needles - and so many many books started!

    Linda in VA

  7. I use the same pattern but increase to 42. That cotton is so pretty!

  8. Oh to be so good, you can just whip out some yarn and make washcloths! I'm envious of your knitting skills!

  9. Pretty cloth! That is pretty much the same exact pattern I use, even with the modification to make it small like yours. I hate those huge dishcloths that drip and drag and you have to bunch way up just to wipe a countertop! I've been gathering a few different fun colors of basic kitchen cotton whenever I see some I like on sale, with the intent that eventually I'll need to replace some of mine again and pop a bunch out at once. I sometimes try a different pattern for fun or adventure but I always return to the same one you wrote out.
    Charlotte's shrug really is adorable and makes me want to make one for one of my girls!

  10. Anonymous4/02/2014

    Lisa, LOVE those kitchen dishcloths. The color is so rich and warm.

  11. i have a hard time keeping my DIL in washcloths/dishcloths…..she LOVES them so!!! hmmm. might have to knit a little Easter surprise!

  12. I am loving those washcloths. My kitchen drawer is going to be filled with them soon...

  13. I've used a very similar pattern but with much thinner yarn - yours look much more sturdy and practical (and very pretty too).


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