Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"welcome home" {10 on Tuesday}

Blogging just hasn't fit well into my days of late, and every time I thought to sit down with my laptop and compose a post, life happened. Nothing bad, mind you, just busy, ordinary days filled with being a wife, mom, grandma and business owner. Knitting has been flying off the needles, so I'll have lots to share tomorrow...

In the meanwhile, it's 10 on Tuesday and that means a list. This week's is perfect in that we just got home from a few days in the Seattle area where we attended our annual state homeschooling conference. And as refreshing as it always is to get away, to hear inspiring messages, and visit with friends from all over the Pacific Northwest, there ARE good things good things about coming home from vacation; here's my list of 10:
  1. sleeping in my own bed!
  2. good coffee in the morning...in my favorite mug
  3. farm fresh eggs for breakfast
  4. catching up on what's new at home
  5. talking about all the good memories made
  6. seeing how much my tomato seedlings have grown
  7. returning to routine
  8. going through the mail and finding that a book I ordered has arrived
  9. fresh well water
  10. and last but not least...Charlotte!


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  1. so happy you are busy living life! I find that it's nice to take a break from the blog every now and then :)

    1. Busy with life is best way to be. Thanks for staying in touch, Karen. :)

  2. Anonymous4/29/2014

    Oh my goodness Lisa...your grandbaby is sure growing :0) mari

    1. She is! We're having so much fun with her and love that they're still living here with us (at least for few more weeks...). Blessings to you, my friend!

  3. I have the hardest time being away from home. I never really thought about it, but I love my well water and have a hard time drinking 'city water' so maybe that's why I hate to leave my land. :)
    That is a great photo of you with Miss Charlotte.

  4. Charlotte is adorable, Lisa! Being a grandma is soooo wonderful! I have been stopping by, just not commenting much. Life. is. busy. :)
    Much love to you, my friend!

    1. Busy, indeed!! Grandma-ing is the best! Thanks for saying hello, Lisa! Good to hear from you, my friend! :)

  5. Anonymous4/29/2014

    Most times I take my mug with me :)

  6. She's getting so big!! Glad you had a great time.

    1. 10 months already! Plans are in the works for her 1st b-day party already...


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