Thursday, May 8, 2014

and they're off!

My AnnaLynn is a lover of horses and dreams of attending the Kentucky Derby one day. Since we don't have t.v., we watched live on the Internet last Saturday afternoon. We should've worn fancy hats. :)

After about three hours of the pre-race show, they were off...

Next up is the Preakness on May 17, and then the Belmont on June 7. AnnaLynn says, "Go California Chrome!" She would love to see him win the Triple Crown.

Stay tuned for fancy hats... And I thank you for pardoning my messy counters. :)


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  1. Anonymous5/09/2014

    Messy counters? where? like you, I don't have a connection through cable and such, but internet seems to do the job :) have a wonderful weekend my friend :) mari

  2. The kids told me all about this! How fun! And yes, you should have worn some fancy hats! I could have worn the one I made and took pictures of in CA (the blue tissue paper pom pom hat).

    Love you and wish I was joining you for dinner of what looked like bratwurst on the counter!

  3. It was an exciting race wasn't it? I'm hoping for a triple Crown myself. That would be awesome. We used to live near Belmont but never got to go for the big races. They must be so exciting with the hats and all. No need to apologize for messy counters - ours look the same. We LIVE there, and it looks like it! LOL. Enjoy your weekend.


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