Tuesday, June 17, 2014

rain, rain, go away...

This was today. Yes, my woodstove has a fire going. Crazy! After a spectacular springtime filled with warmer-than-usual sunny days perfect for early gardening, the rain has returned bringing with it cool weather. On the one hand, I don't mind at all, but on the other, well, I'm eager to be working outside. Our yard project is coming along; the irrigation is in, but the rototilling and raking of our old dead lawn had to be postponed until next Monday when it's supposed to be sunny and warm. Maybe it seems silly to put so much work into a lawn, and perhaps it is. If only the workers who did the grading when we built hadn't scraped away most of the topsoil, this project wouldn't be necessary. Oh well. So thankful for friends we could barter with. And thankful for rain, too. It's green here, and I love it.

That's my herb garden up top. I need to get out and do some harvesting! I'm thrilled that my purple coneflower is thriving and even self-seeded last year; I'm planning to brew an echinacea tincture. Lots of lavender, garlic, and chives growing. Chamomile for tea and soap making, cilantro for yummy enchiladas, two varieties of mint, rosemary, catnip, sage, and marjoram. Oh, and lemon balm!

52 degrees. That was this afternoon. Hence, the fire.

I know, I'll be wishing for this in August...


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  1. Anonymous6/17/2014

    Spring is always filled with surprises :) We need the rain here in the mountains...too hot otherwise. m.

  2. Beautiful pictures! It's been cooler here too but our highs usually are still getting into the 70s! So love your stove and long for one in our house!

  3. What a cozy picture with that fire in the background....thanks for sharing! I'll have to check out that tincture. Something keeps nibbling on my coneflower; I'm thinking rabbits because the deer would have to be pretty brazen to get right up against our house!

  4. What crazy weather! It's hot and humid here but hopefully that will change to cooler someday soon :) lovely photos!!

  5. lovely pictures for sure! that is a bit chilly! it's warm here today! God bless and keep you well! Hope it drys up and is sunny so you can do the gardening!!!

  6. We're at 90+ degress and I would love to trade places with you!!! I prefer cool and staying indoors to over 90 and being outdoors. Only thing to do outside in our humid weather is sit in a pool. I can't knit in the pool.


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