Tuesday, March 10, 2015

oh, deer -- homestead projects update

Tending to the many projects on our list is a slow process, but we are making progress bit by bit. Spring has definitely arrived early to the Pacific northwest -- a blessing we are taking full advantage of. Seeds have sprouted which means we'll be enjoying freshly picked salads in not too many weeks. I can barely wait! Three robins danced across our lawn this morning, but I could only capture a good picture of one of them...too fun to watch them in real time rather than through the camera's lens. :)

I was discouraged to find the blue bells AnnaLynn and I had so carefully transplanted pulled out and left to dry out amidst a multitude of hoofprints -- evidence that the local deer have discovered our new bed. ARGH!! Muddy hoofprints were even left right on my front porch. I've redug the holes and replanted these spring favorites of mine, but I have little hope that they'll survive. :(  Anna says we just need to get a dog and that'll keep the deer away. Maybe it's time to start building a kennel...

I'm sharing a before and after of the northwest corner of the house. We did dig out one shrub which is now enjoying a sunny spot in the bed off the front porch. The huge one that remains is a boxwood, if you can believe it, another transplant from my grandma's house in Pittsburgh. It needs a serious pruning and to be transplanted. This spot behind the house has been designated for a grilling station for Dan, so no plants will be here when that project gets underway. The bed on the side of the house was cleared of weeds and awaits further work (a rock border to match the front bed as well as fresh soil and then some shrubbery and ferns). It's a start, right? The bottom picture is the front of our well house/shed which awaits a similar treatment.

We're expecting a little rain this week which is much needed. The flip side of all this beautiful weather we've been enjoying is that it's quite dry. I just can't imagine having to turn the garden sprinklers on this early.

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  1. Oh those pesky deer. Tie some bags outside that make noise in the wind, it does help to keep the deer away. Spring is here in the south too, 79 today and 81 tomorrow!

  2. I think nothing is sacred when it comes to plants. If it's not deer, it's turkeys, or armadillos' or wild hogs here in central FL.. I'm in a constant battle against their intrusion into my hard work!

  3. Deer are so pesky! I hope they recover. It looks like you are getting a lot done with this early spring. Great job! I wish we were getting more done...

  4. oh bother! that's so disappointing! hope things get better on that front! Lovely plans!

  5. Oh what a big bummer!!!! We had such a harsh winter last year that the deer ended up eating much of our landscaping. This year we put a netting fence up around it and stuck a couple of bales of hay in the backyard for the deer. This worked. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing your hardwork undone.


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