Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In which my baby girl turns 15...

The laughter of teenage girls is contagious, free, spirited, and LOUD. :)

We had a great time Friday and Saturday with three of my Anna's dear friends:
  • We hiked the Yacolt Falls Trail up the the railroad tracks where the girls had fun doing a photo shoot...I sat at the station knitting...bliss :)
  • We ate take & bake pizza from our favorite local spot
  • They watched a movie while I knitted and listened to podcasts (about knitting, of course)
  • We all stayed up later than we should have :)
  • I baked cinnamon sourdough muffins in the morning (soooo good!)
  • We drove down to Charming Charlie's in Clackamas where the girls shopped and had fun :)
  • We ate lunch at Burgerville -- there is nothing like a seasonal pumpkin milkshake and a pepper bacon cheeseburger...
After dropping everyone off, we came home to a quiet house and baked an apple pie for Sunday's baptismal feast.

Sunday afternoon was visiting with Jeff, Christina, and the grandbabies for a family celebration of Anna's b-day...

And yesterday on the morning of her actual 15th birthday, she got to open her presents from Daniel, from Jess & Zack, and from Dan and me. :)

We don't usually spread out our birthday celebrations like this, but it's just the way it worked out...this morning we told her, "Happy day after your birthday," to which she replied, "It's my birthday boxing day!" Now she's counting down the days to 15 and a half when she can get her driver's permit...crazy!

Love my girl and the talented, beautiful, moody, artistic, spunky, faithful young woman she has grown to be! So thankful for the godly, encouraging friends in her life!

(And if you made it this far, let me say that time does fly, they do grow up fast, and so you best enjoy every single moment.) :)


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  1. you are so right....every single moment!!!! amen.

  2. What a lovely day, and a lovely daughter! You are right...blink and they're grown up!

  3. happy birthday!! The do grow up fast but while mine were growing up it went slowly...now I look back and say where did the time go!!! Your fall is quite spectacular :)

  4. so special! and yes, it goes fast, even when it seems slow! :)


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